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The BBL Week In Words: Featuring Gavin Love, Mychal Green and more!

In the sixth addition of our new feature, we look back at the last week in the BBL and bring you the best quotes. This week includes Fab Flournoy praising Joe Chapman!

In the sixth addition of our new feature, we look back at the last week in the BBL and bring you the best quotes. This week includes Fab Flournoy praising Joe Chapman!

This is now a regular feature on BBLFans, so let us know if you have heard some interesting thoughts from someone so they can feature here next time.

This week, Plymouth coach Gavin Love isn’t particularly happy with his team, Rob Paternostro basks in the glory of 20 wins and Newcastle’s Andrew Bridge reveals why the team aren’t having a big night out!

“Guys like Ayron Hardy and Andrew Sullivan were tearing us apart, and kicking the ball out to their shooters. I was very disappointed with our defensive effort.” – Plymouth Raiders coach Gavin Love isn’t a happy man after defeat to Leicester

“We’ve done so much work to get these three trophies that it would be stupid to ruin it with a big night out that might hurt our play-off chances.” – Despite winning the BBL Championship, Newcastle Eagles aren’t celebrating too much yet according to Andrew Bridge

“The Newcastle defeat was hard to take, but it was two very good teams desperate to win a basketball match. There were some periods where it was scrappy and some periods with some very good basketball.” – A few days on, Worcester Wolves coach Paul James reflects on the dramatic 85-84 defeat to Newcastle

“It’s been a great season, and great to work with these guys. Getting to 20 means a lot. It’s a testament to everybody at the club and what we’ve been able to build.” – Leicester Riders coach Rob Paternostro is proud of his team for reaching 20 wins this season

“Only two wins will do this weekend. Nothing else matters since if we lose to Cheshire, they’ll be two games ahead of us and have the head-to-head.” Robert Youngblood wants maximum points for MK Lions this weekend against Cheshire and Mersey

“There are a lot of things that during the season, you really don’t focus on. At the end of the season you can maybe look back and say ‘OK maybe I did have a good year’. During the season it is all about trying to get as many wins as possible and win the Championship.” – Glasgow Rocks star Mychal Green is a team player

“Joe Chapman suffered a career-threatening injury when he tore his Achilles tendon and to get back to the level he was before the injury and help us to reach the next level was a great accomplishment. We know there were questions over whether or not we should have brought him back after being out with an injury like that, but for us there was no question at all he would come back.” – Newcastle Eagles coach Fab Flournoy singles out Joe Chapman for praise after their BBL Championship win

We have also researched some of the best Tweets about the BBL this week…

“Congratulations to @newcastleeagles and their fans – 2012 BBL Champions #theBBL Well done to Paul, Fab & everyone associated with the club.” @uk_sportsfans

“Now that’s what I call #winningwednesday! It’s going to be a looooooong journey back to Plymouth for some… #theBBL” @phoneticerror

“#theBBL I’m coughing here, must be the Plymouth Raiders’ trophy cupboard…” @emporygon

“Eagles could be champions in under an hour! Party time on Friday! #theBBL” @Bobbie_Bailey

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