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Mersey concentrating on reaching play-offs

In his latest column, Mersey Tigers captain David Aliu reflects on the club’s first away win of the season, and says that their goal for the rest of the year is to reach the play-offs.

We’ve entered the second half of the season now and at Mersey Tigers, we’re concentrating on getting in to the play-offs.

It felt good to finally get a road win against Glasgow, as the Rocks have been a top team all season and have some very good players and a great coach. It’s tough to win on the road anywhere, so winning in Glasgow, which is always a difficult place to win, has helped us grow as a team and given us a bit more confidence.

It has taken a long time to get that away win, but it has come at an important time of the season. We didn’t start out great but I finally feel like we are beginning to settle and starting to demonstrate signs of a complete team. Of course, the issues in getting a team together and the late recruitment meant we were starting out pretty late, and that meant it took us a while to get going.

The play-offs are definitely a possibility for us and that is our goal. If we can string a few wins together, we can make the play-offs. We are playing much better collectively now, and we have, in my opinion, the best coach in the league, so if anyone can get us there, it is Tony.

Although it’s been quite a different season this time round and we’re at a different end of the table, the coach has been exactly the same. His coaching, preparation, motivation and getting the best out of his players is the same, and he gets us prepared excellently for every game.

So we go in to the second half of the season taking every game as it comes, and hopefully that will be enough to see us in the top eight.

Mersey Tigers host local rivals Cheshire Jets at Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park on Friday, 7.30pm tip-off.

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