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Derrick Rose “served” by Riders’ Rundles

Reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose admits Leicester Riders’ Cameron Rundles was the toughest player he faced while growing up

A 2009 Slam Online article has recently emerged where reigning NBA MVP and Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose has highlighted Leicester Riders’ Cameron Rundles as the toughest player he faced growing up.

In the article – found here – Rose states that, “the only person that really served me, like really really served me, I don’t even know this boy name. It was some boy, he was from Minnesota, he played for a Minnesota team, they came into Chicago, and I was playin’ up. And he served me, I can’t lie.”

“I wanted to check the best player on the floor, so I was checkin’ him. It seemed he wasn’t missin’. He had to have 30-somethin’, 40 points or something like that. I don’t know his name, but I know he goes to Montana.”

It was revealed today that the player in question was Cameron Rundles, who went off for 38 points as an eighth grader playing for his Minnesota high school against Rose.

It’s obviously something that humble perfectionist Rose will never forget, as the article goes on to state:

“This was literally the most animated Rose got during our whole talk—speaking about some unnamed kid who busted him up a long time ago. Playing the defending champion Celtics in the playoffs? Meh. Getting lit up by some nameless kid from Minnesota? He’d talk about that all day if you let him.”

After finding out about the article Rundles (@KillaC34) Tweeted, “I stopped telling that story cause nobody believed me. That’s crazy, made my day!!”

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