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BBL clear confusion over player eligibility

The BBL have attempted to clear any confusion over the player eligibility rules which come inot affect this season.

Last year the BBL’s and member clubs approved new laws to try and improve chances for British players, and create opportunities for home grown players.

The statement from the BBL said: “The new eligibility allows teams to play a maximum of five non British players per game, of which a maximum of three can be work permitted. All remaining spots on the team have to be filled by British passport holders.

“The criteria replicates a similar model to other European Basketball Leagues, but with greater emphasis on protecting positions for national (British) players, and is a further demonstration of committment by the BBL towards the development of British players.”

Other Basketball League’s examples (as at May 2011):


Minimum of 4 German players if 10 or 11 players are in the score sheet and 5 if the team registers 12. For 2011-2012 season, the ratio will be 4 players if 10 in score sheet, 5 for 11 and 6 for 12. The rest can be foreigners, regardless of their nationality. There will no distinction between Americans, Europeans, etc


Each team can register a maximum of 6 foreign players in the score sheet, with no more than 3 players from outside Europe.


3 foreign players, regardless of their nationality, in a 10-man roster, plus 2 from FIBA Europe countries and 5 home grown players, one of which can be naturalized.


In the ACB competition, team can have 11 or 12 licenses. For 11-player rosters:

– Minimum 4 players eligible for the National Team

– 2 players from non-FIBA Europe countries ( non mandatory )

– The rest of players, from FIBA Europe countries


Minimum of 5 Turkish players in the roster. Each club is entitled to sign up to 8 foreign players, but no more than 6 under contract at the same time

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